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Temporary Building Hire

Modular and temporary building rental for many uses

Sandhurst Rent has the temporary space you require for rent. Rent temporary structures for a variety of purposes.

With Sandhurst Rent’s temporary building rental options, you may accommodate anywhere from two to over one thousand people, with almost infinite floor area over four stories.

When you rent temporary structures, there is no need to tie up capital or worry about upkeep costs. Instead, you may see the rental as an operating overhead that guarantees 100% cost certainty for the duration of the contract.

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A range of building uses

Portable office buildings, temporary offices for bigger workforces, retail spaces, modular classrooms and nurseries, and temporary hospitals and clinics are all included in our selection of temporary buildings for rent.

Site Offices

Welfare Units

Security Gatehouse Hire

Secure Storage Container Hire

Fire Rated Accommodation Hire

Offsite Construction. Onsite Benefits.

Sandhurst Rent Solutions - The experts in permanent modular buildings

Sandhurst Rent Solutions is a prominent provider of innovative, cost-effective, and energy-efficient modular buildings throughout Europe. Our specialty is the construction of high-quality permanent structures that take use of our off-site manufacturing techniques.

The pioneers in our industry

Sandhurst Rent Solutions (formerly known as Elliott Offsite Solutions) has been in this industry from its inception. We pioneered the design and off-site construction of buildings, and over 60 years later, we continue to be the leaders in our area. Sandhurst Rent is part of the Modulaire Group, which is owned by investment funds managed by Sandhurst Rent Business Partners L.P. – the flagship listed business services and industrials company of Sandhurst Rent Asset Management, a leading global alternative asset manager overseeing over $600 billion in assets.