Privacy Policy

GDPR will replace the current Data Protection Act on May 25, 2018, giving you as an individual new rights and increasing our obligation to keep your personal and/or Special Category data safe and secure.
Sandhurst Rent is dedicated to preserving your privacy.

Information Security

Sandhurst Rent Ltd employs a range of security procedures to ensure the protection of any personal information it receives.

Why we must utilise your personal data

Sandhurst Rent Ltd will collect and retain your personal information for the following purposes:

  • To deliver the services that you anticipate.
  • To answer to your request or questions when you contact us.
  • We may also use your contact data for marketing purposes in order to inform you of services/products/events that may be of interest to you.
  • Send further information, such as future events or newsletters.
  • To assist us in creating, publishing, and enhancing content.
  • To do analytic study about our target clientele, including the services/products in which they are interested.
  • To abide by all legal responsibilities
  • Payroll requirements
  • External security certification
  • Instruction and advancement
  • To share information with third parties

In addition, we may process your information to:

  • examine occurrences and concerns or respond to them
  • comply with responsibilities and rights and cooperate with police, government, or regulatory agency investigations.

Data we gather

Website and cookie data


Our website may contain links to third-party websites that are not under our control and are not subject to this Privacy Statement. If you use the given links to visit other websites, their operators may collect information from you and use it in accordance with their privacy policies, which may differ from ours.


Due to new EU legislation, we are required to inform you that you must accept cookies in order to access our website. Most websites you visit will use cookies to enhance your user experience by “remembering” you for the length of your visit (using a “session cookie”) or for subsequent visits (using a “persistent cookie”). Cookies have several purposes, including facilitating navigation across pages, recording your preferences, and overall enhancing your experience on a website. Cookies facilitate and expedite your engagement with a website.

If a website does not employ cookies, it will assume you are a new visitor each time you navigate to a new page. For instance, if you input your login information and then navigate to a different page, the website will not recognise you and will be unable to keep you logged in.

Describe a cookie.

Each cookie is unique to the user’s browser. It will contain some anonymous information, such a unique identity, the site’s name, and certain numbers and digits. It enables a website to remember your preferences and the contents of your shopping basket.

How to prevent cookies from being stored on your computer

Some individuals find the concept of a website keeping data on their computer or mobile device to be somewhat invasive. Although this is normally innocuous, you may not want to see ads tailored to your interests, for instance. You can block some or all cookies, or remove cookies that have already been set, if you choose; however, you may lose access to some website features if you do so. You may block cookies by navigating to the control panel/preferences of your browser.

All cookie data collected by Sandhurst Rent is anonymized

We gather personal data from you, the Sole Proprietor, including but not limited to the following:

Your whole name

Year of Birth

Address Details

Identifying information

monetary information (e.g. bank details, credit history etc.)

We gather your personal information for recruitment and selection reasons.

Information from Application forms and CVs, including but not limited to:

Full Name

Address details

Employment background

Contact Details

Information collected through testing, especially psychometric testing

Employees gather and keep the personal information you provide.

Personal information comprising, but not limited to:

Your whole name

Year of Birth

Address Details

Contact Information

Job Description

Payroll Information

Emergency Contact Information

monetary information (e.g. bank details)

Special Category information comprising, but not limited to:

Origin racial, nationality, and health information

Data sharing with other parties

Some of your data may be shared with third parties, including but not limited to particular companies and organisations, as needed by company policy, compliance with UK legislation, and compliance with site restrictions.

Occasionally, we may be obliged to share your information outside of the United Kingdom. We shall guarantee that any such organisation compiles, uses, and sorts your information in accordance with GDPR.

Your Consent and Agreement

By submitting your personal information to Sandhurst Rent Ltd, you consent to its collection and use in line with our Privacy Statement.

Contact us at [email protected] if you ever desire to modify the usage of your personal information to which you have consented. Please contact us at [email protected] if you’re an employee.

Access to and Control of Your Personal Information

Send an email to [email protected] at any time if you wish to access, modify, or delete your personal data. Please contact us at [email protected] if you’re an employee.

Delete Data:

You may request that we remove or delete all or a portion of your personal data if it is no longer required to provide you with Services. If the retention of this data is covered by other UK legislation or if we have a genuine basis to continue storing this data, we have the authority to refuse.

Modify or Adjust Data:

You can request that we correct your erroneous personal information.

Object to, Limit, or Restrict Data Use:

You may request that we cease using all or a portion of your personal data if we lack the legal authority to do so, or that we limit our use of it if it is erroneous or unlawfully kept.
Access to and/or Retention of Your Data: You can request a copy of your personal information and a copy of the information you gave in a machine-readable format.

Promotional communications

We will only send you marketing communications via email or other communication channels if you have given us permission to do so through our opt-in procedure.

Additional Modifications to Our Privacy Statement

We reserve the right to modify our privacy statement and/or our policy at any moment.