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Vibratory Pile Drivers

Vibrating Pile Driver Attachments

Sandhurst heavy-duty vibratory pile drivers are the perfect excavator mounted attachment when you need to drive and extract relatively short steel sheet piles.

Give your machine Piling rig capability with one of our pile drivers attachments and let the powerful vibratory action drive piles effortlessly in sand, gravel or in soil where the amplitude in the pile can fluidize the ground.

In most cases static weight of the attachment together with the vibration is adequate to drive piles, but in tougher ground conditions using the crowd action of the excavator boom provides extra power.

Available to fit excavators 5 – 45 tonnes, Sandhurst hydraulic pile drivers will often the viable low cost alternative to other, more costly, steel sheet piling methods.

They are especially useful for small-scale sheet piling works and water based civil engineering projects where, for example, access is restricted. And in many situations eliminate the costly hire of a major dedicated piling rig.

From our long experience of this vibratory attachment, users are always impressed with the power, ease of use and productivity they achieve.

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  • Simple to Use
  • Perfect For Driving & Removing Short Piles
  • Universal joint for accurate pile positioning
  • Minimal height maximises pile length
  • Slim design to drive single piles
  • High power to weight ratio
  • Extensions Available
  • Excavators 5 - 45 tonnes

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