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Rotary Drum Cutters / Rock Wheels

Construction and Demolition Attachments

Sandhurst Rotary Drum Cutters are the perfect attachment choice when working in sensitive environments, or for when accurate removal of material is needed.

With low noise and vibration characteristics, our drum cutters provide a very useful alternative method of removing material and can be used for a wide number of concrete cutting applications in demolition and construction.

You’ll find our rotary cutters with transverse low energy cutting action can be a superior alternative to using hydraulic breakers when working close to buildings or when noise is an issue.

Use to cut rock, concrete and asphalt and for a number of applications such as: Profiling; Trenching; Shaft sinking; Scabbling; Tunneling; Demolition; Scaling; Concrete Refurbishment; Quarrying; Building and Road works.

High production rates can be achieved in soft to medium hard materials.

Ideal Attachment for Trenching

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  • Continuous Infinite Rotation
  • Accurate Profiling
  • Narrower Trenching
  • Accurate Positioning of Cutter Drum
  • More Efficient
  • Re-use Cut Material
  • Underwater Use

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