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Pile Croppers - Square

Material Removal Pile Cutting Attachments

Sandhurst Pile Croppers make light work of cutting down square pre-cast piles with multi rebar. Suitable for 8 tonne-plus excavators they’re a great attachment to access confined areas and will reliably and consistently cut piles off at the level you need ready for next stage work.

With their small size Sandhurst pilebreakers will operate tight to piles without excess digging and their powerful hydraulic chisels can crop large numbers of piles economically, cut piles are trimmed and finished leaving sound concrete and no damage below the cut line.

Our Heavy Duty multi bar pile cutters are slung by chains from the excavator dipper arm. Lower the attachment over the pile and let powerful chisels exert even pressure around the pile causing the pile top to crush and break.

With chisels extended, lift to remove cropped material. Simply repeat the process lowering down the pile until reaching the final level leaving the cut–down pile ready for future foundation work.

The Perfect Attachment for Cropping Square or Circular Piles 200mm2 to 300mm2

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  • Access confined areas
  • Slimmer 2 Chisel model available
  • Consistent results
  • No cracks below cut-off level
  • Controlled pile crushing
  • Time saving & economic
  • Silent in use
  • Reduces Health & Safety Risks
  • 300mm2 cutting width
  • Suits 8 Tonne machines and over
  • Certified chains supplied

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