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Clamshell Digging Buckets

Kinshofer Material Handling Attachments.

When you need to accurately dig post holes or footings our powerful 360° digging grab clamshells are perfect for the job.

Ideal for excavators 10 – 30 tonnes and available in various digging shell sizes, these powerful hydraulic excavator attachments will deal with most ground conditions and so are ideal for a wide variety of applications.

Used in Rail, Road Construction, Civil Engineering and Landscaping, Sandhurst clamshells make digging, handling and loading a simple task.

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Choose from different digging shells to match your needs:

  • 800 x 800mm.
  • 800 x 1300mm.
  • 1000 x 1000mm.

Extra digging depth can be achieved by using optional 1M or 2M extension poles.


  • Powerful Digging Clamshell for Trenching and Excavation
  • Excavators 10 - 30 Tonnes
  • 1M + 2M extensions

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