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V Ditching Buckets

Attachments for Drainage

Sandhurst Trapezoidal V Ditching Buckets are available in optimal sizes and will form clean-sided accurate tapered ditch profiles with ease.

Suitable for most ground conditions they have excellent digging and clean out capabilities for faster digging cycles and will create a longer lasting V shaped ditch quicker than if dug with a standard ditching bucket.

Quote for ditching contracts and let Sandhurst supply the specialist ditching attachments you need to complete your job professionally and to the highest standard.

Our V ditch buckets are ideal for drainage specialists and contractors digging and maintaining trenches, waterways, irrigation canals and road ditches.

Call to hire these excavator attachments to maximize your productivity and have them delivered and fitted to your machine on site.

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Model Carrier
Dim A
Dim B
Dim C
Dim D
VB-3/12/15 7-14 1500 1200 300 800
VB-3/15/18 13-22 1800 1500 300 900
VB-6/18/21 20-30 2100 1800 600 1000


  • Excavators 1.5 - 28 Tonnes
  • Grade and Profile more Accurately
  • Cut the Right Angle First Time

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