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Tilting Buckets

Ditching Attachments 45˚ + 45˚

Sandhurst Tilt Buckets excavator attachments will give you greater control during grading and ditching work.

With 90º of tilt angle you can quickly tilt 45º left or 45º right to reach awkward spots with less excavator repositioning and be sure to get the angle you want each time on the first cut.

Increase accuracy, work speed and productivity.

Our tilt buckets are ideal for backfilling, clearing, ditching, trenching, profiling, level grading on uneven terrain and for general landscape contour work.

Hire for the right ditching bucket for your machine.

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  • Excavators 5 - 25 Tonnes
  • Grade and Profile more Accurately
  • Cut the Right Angle First Time

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