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Steel Scrap Shears - 360˚ Rotation

Silent Demolition Attachments.

Sandhurst Heavy Duty continuous 360º Steel Scrap Shears are perfect for stripping out work or processing bulk steel during demolition or recycling.

Let the awesome power of our hydraulic shears loose on your next job and allow their massive closing forces help you achieve consistently high productivity.

The demolition industry attachment of choice for continuous cutting and dismantling of large steel structures, Sandhurst heavy duty sheers generate enormous cutting forces.

Use our dedicated steel shears for Demolition or Steel Recycling and you’ll make light work of cutting steel plate, H and I beam profiles, iron sections, plus pipes, tanks and more.

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  • 360º Continuous Rotation
  • Immense Cutting Forces
  • High Power to Weight Ratio
  • High Productivity
  • Excavators 18+ Tonnes

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