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Multi Processors – 360º Rotation

Silent Demolition Attachments

Sandhurst Continuous rotation Multi Processors combine dedicated steel jaw and pulveriser jaw options in one versatile attachment for increased productivity.

Try our multi processors and you’ll have the flexibility to move quickly between steel shear and concrete pulveriser jaws seamlessly to match your work type. Saves the cost of hiring two dedicated demolition attachments.

Interchangeable jaws turn these demolition attachments from a powerful dedicated steel shear, capable of shearing through steel beams, to a dedicated concrete pulveriser ideal for primary demolition or secondary reduction of reinforced concrete.

Simply decide which jaw will give you most productivity and change jaws in under 5 minutes without noticeable disruption to work flow.

Hire our Versatile 2-in-1 Demolition Multiprocessors for Primary or Secondary Demolition.

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  • 2-in-1 Demolition Tool
  • Shear and Pulveriser Jaws
  • 5 mins Jaw Change on-site
  • Excavators from 17 Tonnes

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