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Stump Grinders

Augertorque Stump Planer Attachments

Sandhurst Stump Grinders will help you remove tree stumps of any size and are suitable for excavators 4.5 – 8 Tonnes.

Most importantly, they’ll complete the job without any of the loud noise, safety risk from flying debris, or the intensive labour and time consuming clear-up associated with ‘faster spinning types’ of grinder.

With Sandhurst Stump Grinder/Planers a massively powerful motor drive and 3 blade cutting head combination produces relentless torque, efficiently cutting timber almost without noise and leaving waste in the immediate vicinity.

Hire these attachments and forget showering a wide area with wood chips, stone and soil. Instead, remove tree stumps to well below ground level and, look forward to quicker site clear up.

If you have to clear stumps of very large size, simply overlay the cutting head with unique pilot bit and drill away until the entire stump is removed.

Call Sandhurst for the Stump Grinder and cutter combination you need to suit your machine and job.

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  • Very Low Noise
  • Outstanding Torque
  • Waste left close by for fast clear up
  • Removes stumps below ground and site clear
  • Excavators: 4.5 – 8 Tonnes

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