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Ground Engaging Augertorque Attachments

Sandhurst High Torque Augers will turn your excavator into a temporary drilling rig ready to successfully complete your next drilling job with ease.

You’ll find our Augertorque earthdrills are a great attachment to have on your machine anytime you need truly outstanding drilling power to drill into most ground conditions, even into tough ground.

Used comprehensively in construction, fencing and landscaping industries, Sandhurst Augers are powerful excavator attachments that are always in demand. From drilling simple post holes, to augering holes prior to pile driving, when Vibratory Pile drivers can be used instead of more costly impact hammers.

Choose from auger flights in 10 diameters from 150mm to 800mm and auger extensions in 1M, 1.5M and 2 metres so you have exactly the set up you need to meet your requirements.

Call Sandhurst for the best Auger, flight and extensions to suit your machine and job.

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  • Heavy Duty
  • Outstanding Torque
  • Retains Spoil on Flights on Exit
  • Efficient and Safe in Use
  • Excavators: 2 – 45 Tonnes

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