This article has been written to give you an insight into portable toilets. It may be something you’re not interested in, yet others may find it fascinating. I enjoy learning about new things regardless of what they are so I thought I’d share it with you. I hope you find this article informative.

The plastic portable toilets we know today have been around since the 1960’s and are a basic plastic enclosure containing a chemical toilet, which can be positioned anywhere so that people are able to go to the toilet. More often than not though they are used on construction sites where there isn’t a long-term structure build yet or at events and festivals.

Often they are referred to as a few of the following-
1.) Port-O-Let
2.) Port-a-Loo
3.) Porta-Potty
4.) Tidy John
5.) Portable restrooms

Often they are large enough to fit a single occupant in as they are usually around 90cms deep. If you’re looking to sort out toilet hire yourself though you can arrange for disabled versions, which don’t have a step and which are wider to account for a wheelchair.

More often than not these days they do come with toilet paper and hand sanitizer, which wasn’t the case many years ago. People do have a pre-judged image of them being dirty and smelly which can be the case if they’re not cleaned regularly or there are too fewer toilet hire cubicles for the amount of people attending the event or on the construction site but if this isn’t the case they often are quite clean and although colder than most normal toilets they’re just as similar.

When they were first used in the 1960’s the only type provided was the bog standard portaloo type (excuse the pun) but these days there are a wide range of options such as the following-

1.) Event toilets- these are often in blocks of a few with steps up to them and hand dryers. These enable the flow of people using the toilet to move faster and they often feel no different to normal toilets. It also provides more of a separation between female and male toilets, which is always an added bonus.
2.) Luxury toilets- similar to event toilets but is the height of luxury.
3.) Urinals- these allow men to go to the toilet far quicker using the urinals.
4.) Disabled toilets- as mentioned above they have a wider cubicle so that wheelchairs can easily move around in them.