It is no longer the case that when we require a new building we have to go down the traditional route of construction. We have a choice. And with choices comes decisions, and for a decision to take place we need facts!

An alternative method of construction is to use modular buildings. In case you are not yet familiar with this method, it is a process that involves making prefabricated elements in a factory which is then transported to the site where it is all put together. This is instead of constructing something entirely or largely on-site which is the traditional way of doing things.

Why are modular buildings becoming more popular?

Putting it into a scenario

If two of the same projects were to start on the same day, one using the traditional method and the other using the modular method, here is typically how things would pan out.

Traditional Method


1 – Grading and site preparations

10 – Foundation construction begins

40 – Foundation complete

45 – Framing begins

65 – Roofing, siding, insulation

80 – Installation of windows and doors

90 – Rough electrical and plumbing

115 – Interior and Exterior finishes

135 – Finish electrical and plumbing

155 – Finish trim and touch ups

170 – Site clean-up and landscaping

180 – Grand opening

Modular Method


1 – Grading and site preparations

10 – Foundation construction begins and the modules can start to be built. This quickens the pace of the project because construction can begin at the same time that the foundations are being built on the site. Potential weather or vandalism will have almost no impact on the schedule

40 – Foundation completed and modules can start to be transported to the site. The modules are shipped when they are about ninety-five percent complete therefore they already include the interior and exterior finishes, plumbing, electrics and flooring

45 – Start setting modules. Modular buildings are treated as traditional ones and therefore must follow regulations

65 – Interior and exterior finishes are applied

80 – Site clean-up and landscaping

90 – Grand opening. There is no visible difference between a modular or traditional building

180 – Business has already been open for 90 days which means that money can be saved and your building can be operational quicker.

In this scenario the modular building is proven to be the better method of construction because it is fifty percent faster. This means your money is not drained over a long period of time, and your building can be in use a lot quicker. Opening up 90 days ahead would be a major benefit to your business because you can start generating an income and in-turn a profit a lot sooner.