Planning your wedding is one of the most important thing you will ever do in your life and you want to make sure you do it right! There are many important things that most people tend to forget while in the planning stage, I will cover most of the important stuff in this article.

One of your first decisions should be where do you want to have your wedding at? People have weddings at a lot of different places such as churches, parks, backyards, wedding halls, etc… Depending on where you plan on having your wedding there are different things you must consider.

If you plan on having your wedding inside a church or building you have to take the size and color of the building into consideration, you do not want to have your wedding in a building that looks like it is ready to collapse; you also want to take the size into consideration. Are you planning on 50 guests? 100? 200? It would be hard to fit 100 people inside a building meant for 50. Make sure the size is adequate enough for your amount of guests.

If you are having it outside in a park or other memorable place you want to make sure that the weather is going to be nice and plenty of room for parking. If you have your wedding outside you will probably need to hire a band to do the entertaining. If you have it in a park you may have a problem with unwanted guests, that is something to think about when planning an outside wedding.

Do you want to try and provide the food yourself or hire a catering service? Catering services can get quite expensive but are well worth the cost. If you hire a catering service you do not have to worry about preparing all the food, getting it there and setting it up. There are numerous benefits to hiring a catering service such as less stress, usually better quality food and more time to work on other details of your wedding.

A few other things to consider are photographers, music, equipment rental and more. The best way to ensure your wedding is done right is to use a checklist – you can find several wedding checklists available on the web.